Environmental Benefits of Coco Taps Vs. Plastic Bottles for Drinking Coconut Water

If you’ve ever tasted coconut water from a fresh, young coconut, you know how refreshing it can be. In fact, that’s how our founder CocoVinny developed his love for coconut water. He couldn’t stand the taste of canned and bottled coconut water.

The incredible innovation of Coco Taps turns your coconut into a resealable container. CocoVinny’s vision doesn’t just involve helping customers enjoy coconut water straight from the source, but also to benefit the environment.


Environmental benefits of Coco Taps

The Coco Taps system is 100% sourced and assembled in the USA. Coco Taps are BPA-free and dishwasher-safe. Plus, Coco Taps are reusable and make young coconuts resealable for up to four weeks in the fridge.

So what exactly makes Coco Taps so different from the average coconut drill? CocoVinny’s coconut opening tool cuts the carbon footprint of traditional pasteurized and packaged coconut water by eliminating wasteful processing of cartons, cans and plastic bottles that end up in our oceans and landfills.

How Coco Taps works is fairly simple. Each Coco Taps Tool Kit comes with one Coco Taps USA-Made stainless steel high-quality coconut hand-drill tapper and two Coco Taps Reusable Taps to ensure freshness of your coconut water. Just twist the drill into the coconut with minimal pressure, insert the green Coco Tap reusable tap, and screw into the hole.

That’s it! From there, insert a straw or drink right from the tap. There are no spills, no mess and it’s much safer than trying to cut open your coconut with a knife.

You can’t find another coconut tool kit that includes resealable taps! CocoVinny is proud that all pieces are made right in America. Don’t be fooled by other low-quality coconut opener machines made in China that can break and cause serious injury.

Maybe you’ve been looking online for the best way to open a coconut. Perhaps you’re not even sure what to do with a coconut. Whatever the case, you’ve got to check out Coco Taps!

This coconut tap from CocoVinny isn’t just an investment for your coconut-drinking enjoyment, but also for the betterment of the environment as a whole.

The mission of Coco Taps is to bring healthy, delicious and fresh coconut water to the world by delivering great taste and less waste one coconut at a time, while also creating a healthier planet.

Still not sold? Check out this testimonial from a customer who recently made the switch to Coco Taps.


This is a useful and fantastic product! I have been purchasing cocoanut water from health food stores for many years, but the taste of the coconut juice after being processed and bottled was less than acceptable. With this easy-to-use tool, I can now extract the cocoanut water directly from the cocoanut, and with the sealable cap, refrigerate and drink later. I highly recommend Coco Taps.” - Lenecee

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Case after case of plastic coconut water bottles adds up in a hurry. It affects the environment, as well as your wallet. For just $24.99, a Coco Taps Tool Kit helps you get the most out of your coconut while also contributing to the wellness of our environment.

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