Custom Branded Coconuts


Looking for a unique, fun event favor that'll make your guests smile? Fresh coconuts are your answer! At your event, guests can savor delicious coconut cocktails or enjoy the all-natural refreshment of coconut water straight from the coconut itself — no cans or bottles involved!

Forget packing machetes and knives; our tapped coconuts are hassle-free and eco-friendly. We use compostable taps and caps, reducing our carbon footprint. Event organizers love our branded coconuts for their uniqueness and taste, ensuring your event is memorable.

Perfect for weddings, corporate events, or themed parties, our branded coconuts can even showcase your company logo. They're a hit at BBQs and outdoor events too. Did you know coconut water is hydrating and healthy? Kids and adults adore it — a natural alternative to sports drinks, packed with vitamins and minerals.

Not all coconuts are alike, but ours are top-notch! Fresh, high-quality, and filled with delicious coconut water, we pick young green coconuts for the best taste. We leave them in the shell for that authentic experience.

At CocoTaps, we're dedicated to elevating your business or event. Our friendly team of pros is here to make your event a surefire success!

Here are some of the common questions we get from party planners and event organizers:

What cities are CocoTaps available in?
Branded coconuts are available in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Miami, and we're delighted to deliver them straight to your event, pop-up location, or home. You'll also spot our coconuts in top-notch hotels along the Vegas Strip!

What types of events are branded coconuts good for?
Branded coconuts are a hit at various events — think birthdays, weddings, promos, exclusives, themes, launches, and marketing activation. They're versatile and fit any occasion.

What kind of drinks are best to serve in branded coconuts?
Creamy coconut margarita: The coconut filling is cool and refreshing, with the zing of lime. It pairs perfectly against tequila's bite to make an elegant cocktail. If you are a coconut lover, this drink is a must.
Ingredients: Cream of coconut, tequila, lime juice, triple sec

Classic Pina Colada: The Piña Colada might be the most popular coconut cocktail of them all. It was invented in Puerto Rico, and it features pineapple juice with rum served on top or blended together as well cream of coconut!
Ingredients: White rum, cream of coconut, pineapple juice, frozen pineapple, ice, lime juice

Coconut Martini: The Coconut Martini is a perfect drink for anyone who loves the classic piña colada, but wants something more unique. It features cool and creamy coconut with an irresistible rim of toasted goodness that makes every sip even more delectable!
Ingredients: Cream of coconut, lime, vodka

Coconut Mojito: Want to make your next party even more exciting? Try a Coconut Mojito! Infuse coconut into some rum and shake with fresh lime juice for an irresistible cocktail that will have everyone at once in love with you. The creamy, frothy topping makes each sip just a little bit better than before while adding an island feel never experienced before on dry land or afloat! 
Ingredients: Coconut syrup, mint, lime, rum

For more information on how you can become part of the Coco Revolution, please leave us a message below with your contact information.