"I feel so much healthier drinking 100% real coconut water from a coconut and not a box or bottle!"

"When we are up in the mountains and snowboarding, we love our CocoTaps to keep us healthy and hydrated!"

"Awesome product!!! Very ingenious and easy to use."
-Pamela M.

"I really appreciate the uniqueness of this product. It allows me to open a coconut quickly without spilling it everywhere like the coco jack that I previous tried. I love fresh coconut water after working out so this makes it easy for me to take a drink and then put my coconut back in the fridge. I think it's a really cool idea and I look forward to using it year a round."

"This is a fantastic, simple, product! Super-easy to use, easy to clean. Loving the FRESH coconut water, every day now. Saves big bucks from constantly buying bottled coconut water. Fresh is best!"
-Cynthia P.

"Finally - the best product of it's kind!"

"Nearly lost my index finger last weekend using the meat cleaver method of cutting into a coconut. Sitting here typing my review with a bandage and steri-strips from Urgent Care on my finger. You really could lose a finger or worse using the cleaver method that I keep seeing people promote online. So I had to find a better solution. This Coconut Tapper is awesome. It does not flake, like I saw in another review. It does take a few times using it to get the hang of it I think. After having done it 4 times now, my last two taps happened in about 15 seconds or less. Minimal pressure is best, and then when you twist the tapper in gently you don't have to worry about splatting the coconut water back out of the coconut.
I have been raving about my love of fresh coconut water to anyone who will listen (I don't even like bottled coconut water). I finally was able to bring a tapped coconut into work to share with a co-worker today (probably would have been fired for cutting into it with a cleaver at work). It is the coolest thing to be able to transport them already tapped. And my co-worker immediately bought himself a Coconut Tapper after he saw mine, and tasted fresh coconut water. I highly recommend."

"CocoTaps Tool is a great tool to tap open coconut. First of all, I love drinking coconut water. It tastes so amazing. I usually buy coconuts from farmers market as they are so fresh but have a hard time opening them. I often use screw driver which creates a mess and then i have to consume the entire coconut and water at the same time as it looses its freshness after a while. Due to this exra work, i used to avoid consuming fresh coconut water and purchased ready to drink coconut water which from safeway. When i came across this cocotaps coconut tapping tool, i decided to give it a try. Now my experience with it:

It is an absolutely amazing tool which made my life so easy. It is so easy to use and i can open a coconut in secinds. Just push on the top of the coconut and start screwing/puncturing in. There are included instructions, which make the use of this kit super easy.The kit includes two resealable taps in addition to 1 Cocotaps which keeps the coconut fresh for later consumption. This is a high quality product made in usa and provides a great drinking experience without spills. Overall a high quality product. I absolutely loved it and highly recommend it.

"I really love how easy it is to get your fresh coconut water by using this kit! No more worries about needing to go through the dreadful process of trying to break your coconut apart, making a mess and at the end of all...usually spilling and loosing most of the precious coconut water that you just fought the coconut for. I have always enjoyed drinking fresh coconut water but stopped fighting the coconut and just started buying at the carton at the store 95% of the time due to the time consuming and messy process. But now, I can start doing it all over again because this kit has made it so easy to break into the coconut and take your coconut water without any issues. Plus, you can actually save the water (if you don't drink it all at once) for later, by just resealing the hole in the coconut and putting it away in the fridge.

The tools included in this kit are amazing! They are so easy to use and not time consuming at all! You just simply twist the drill into the coconut using minimal pressure until you make a hole in the coconut. Then you insert the green Coco Tap and screw it into the hole, after that all you need to do is insert a straw or you can even drink it right from the tap! No need to worry about spills or messes...isn't it wonderful!!! And in case you don't finish all that hydrating, nutrient filled coconut water, just reseal the hole with one the included CocoTaps caps and put it away in your fridge to enjoy later or take it on the go! Plus, I really like how cool it looks to drink coconut water out of an actual coconut. After you are done drinking the water, remember you still can enjoy the rest of the coconut!"
-Neida A.

"What I love: CocoTaps Coconut Tapper Kit is the easy way to open a young coconut and drink the water. My son really likes coconut, coconut milk, coconut juice, coconut soda, coconut meat, and anything coconut flavored, so trying this CocoTaps so he can have his own fresh Coconut milk was a no brainer.

Cocotaps is super easy to use and helps to prevent spills and injuries allowing you to turn any young coconut into a pour-able container like any bottled beverage. The kit is 100% made in the USA. It comes with one stainless steel high quality hand drill ad two reusable taps to reseal your coconut water! It feels super durable and I don't think it will have any problems holding up.

Using it is easy as 3 steps! Pick out a nice young coconut. To tell that it's correct ripeness, unlike older coconuts you should shake the coconut and hear no sloshing, that means the coconut is nice and full.

Step 1: Use the Coconut Drill to create a small hole in your young coconut by twisting and applying a small amount of pressure on the coconut.

Step 2: Insert the small Coco Tap into the hole and turn counter clockwise. Tighten the Tap in the coconut with the top of the drill so it's securely fastened in the coconut.

Step 3: Your coconut is now sealed. Pour like any beverage! When you're done just screw on the cap and put it in the fridge to keep the water fresh!

This is so easy to use and I highly recommend it!

Bottom Line:
I really love it and give it 5 out of 5 stars.
Would I recommend it to my family and friends? YES!
Would I buy it myself based on my experiences with this review? YES!"
-Erin J.

"Before this, I used to open the coconut with machete, I mean, is the old fashioned way to do it, but I don't want to look like Machete trying to kill someone plus (most important) I suck doing it. I tried and tried and at the end, I only ended up not only NOT opening the coconut but asking for help, so when I knew this product existed, I knee I had to have one.
Is easy to use, I can do it without any help or danger I will cut myself.
Is a twist and press tool, so any one should be able to use it (and is safer than using a machete or knife).
And, the tabs are great so you can drink without using a straw (less plastic!) and you can seal it for later (if there is some one who can actually not drink coconut water in one sip. :)"

"I love drinking coconut juice. I usually buy them from Chinese supermarket at a cheap price and it gives me plenty of energy without the side effect of coffee. This product is great as I often struggle to finish the last drop of the coconut juice. Using a straw to drink the juice is inefficient. This coconut tap allow me to drain the juice into a cup where I can drink the juice easily while not waste anything. Opening the coconut is quite easy using the tap but it does require some patience."
-Matt W.

"Who doesn’t love fresh coconut water? I was so excited to have the opportunity to review this product, and a bit scarred. I didn’t believe that it could be so easy to use! The Coco Taps saves me money but not having to purchase expensive bottled coconut water and I know that the coconut water that I tap myself is pure without additives!"


"This is a useful and fantastic product! I have been purchasing cocoanut water from health food stores for many years, but the taste of the coconut juice after being processed and bottled was less than acceptable. With this easy-to-use tool, I can now extract the cocoanut water directly from the cocoanut, and with the sealable cap, refrigerate and drink later. I highly recommend CocoTaps."