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Are You Tapped In ?

Coco Taps is the world's first ZERO WASTE coconut beverage distribution company. Made with plant based eco-friendly and ocean safe taps. Drinking fresh coconut water has never been so easy!

Coco Taps mission is to provide eco-friendly products while regenerating and revitalizing ecosystems one coconut at a time.

Coco Taps cuts the carbon footprint of traditional pasteurized and packaged coconut water by eliminating wasteful processing of cartons, cans, and plastic bottles that can end up in our ocean and landfills. Many people have never had the opportunity to tap their thirst from a freshly tapped coconut, let alone enjoy the advantages of coconut water! We bring the freshest, wholesale coconut water to your customers by delivering great taste and less waste.

Finally, an easy and safe way to enjoy fresh coconut water straight from the source.

If you're drinking packaged coconut water, you're missing out on 90% of the nutrients that are stripped away from real fresh coconut water. Now there's a better way!