Cocotaps Beverage Co.


Our Company

Welcome to CocoTaps beverage distribution company, where every sip is a journey to a tropical paradise. We're passionate about bringing the refreshing and nourishing flavors of coconuts to your doorstep. From pure and natural coconut water to the exotic blends of coconut-based drinks, we're on a mission to quench your thirst while delivering a taste of the tropics.

Our commitment goes beyond the bottle – we're dedicated to sustainability, responsible sourcing, and building lasting relationships with our customers and partners. Join us in embracing the pure essence of coconuts, one beverage at a time, and let's embark on this flavorful adventure together.


Our Mission

CocoTaps is dedicated to fostering sustainability and making a meaningful impact by providing eco-friendly products, regenerating ecosystems, and supporting vulnerable communities. Our mission revolves around cutting the carbon footprint of traditional coconut water packaging, preventing ocean and landfill waste. By offering fresh tapped coconut water, we not only reduce waste but also create opportunities for people to enjoy this natural refreshment. Moreover, we're committed to planting trees, nurturing our environment, and empowering homeless women with children. Through reforestation efforts, we aim to offer hope, stability, and a brighter future for both our planet and those in need.

Our Brand

At the intersection of sustainability, flavor, and well-being, our zero waste, great taste, and healthier choice beverages are a testament to our commitment to a brighter future. We believe that making conscious choices should never mean sacrificing the joy of indulgence or compromising on our health.

Our zero waste, great taste, and healthier choice beverages embody a harmonious blend of sustainability, flavor, and well-being. Every can represents our commitment to a greener planet, a more delicious world, and a healthier you. Join us in savoring the future, one sip at a time.






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Zero Waste?

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Wholesale & Distribution

Industry License: Get licensed with Coco Taps to distribute coconuts to resorts, beach clubs, and juice bars in your area.
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Unique Beverage: Coco Taps coconuts offer a special drink option that stands out.

"No Mess, No Stress" Motto: Our system ensures a hassle-free process—make tapped coconuts quickly without any mess.

Quick Preparation: Set up our system and serve tapped coconuts in minutes, offering your customers the goodness of healthy, natural coconut water.

Interested in Distributing? Contact us directly to explore becoming a territory distributor for Coco Taps coconuts in your area.
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