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Coconut Tool Kit for Home

$ 24.99

Easily tap into any coconut with the Coco Taps Coconut Tool Kit at home. No need to break your fancy knives or bludgeon your way to coconut water - Simply twist the Coco Taps drill into the coconut with minimal pressure, Insert the green Coco Tap and screw into the hole. Add a straw or drink right from the tap for NO-SPILL enjoyment!

Includes: One (1) CocoTaps USA Made stainless steel high quality coconut hand-drill tapper and two (2) Coco Taps Reusable Taps to reseal your fresh coconut water.

  • EASY TO USE:  Twist the drill, screw in the tap and drink!
  • NO SPILLS OR MESS: Now you can drink fresh coconut water just like you would drink any other beverage through the no-spill Coco Tap.  
  • SAVE FOR LATER: Not ready to drink it all in one sitting? Just reseal and store in your fridge to finish later.
  • PREPARE IN ADVANCE FOR EVENTS: We created world's first ever Coconut Tool Kit that includes resealable patent pending taps so you can prepare your coconut for later. Perfect for taking on the road too!
    • DURABLE USA MADE QUALITY: All pieces made right here in the USA. Don't be fooled by other low-quality coconut drills made in China that can break and cause serious injury!

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