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How it All Started
One summer day, while trying to open a coconut with a knife and hammer, I broke my stepdads expensive knife and almost cut off my pinky! I knew there had to be a better way!
After lots of research, I realized there was nothing on the market offering a no mess, no stress way to turn a coconut into an all-natural, drinkable & resealable container.. That’s how Coco Taps was born!
Made in USA
The Cocotaps System is 100% sourced and assembled here in the USA. Not only does our system solve a major problem within a $1 billion industry, this is a product that you can feel good about purchasing, as it supports healthy eating, safety, and our economy.
Great Taste, Less Waste
Since you’re drinking the coconut water straight from the fruit, the natural packaging is biodegradable and the water doesn’t need to be pasteurized, which removes nutrients and ruins the taste. This makes the all-natural coconut water great for the environment and better for you too!
Healthy, and Hydrating
Coconuts are rich in vitamins and minerals which makes coconut water a great natural replacement for sports drinks. Coconut water has also been used as a great cure for hangovers due to its hydrating qualities.