Health • Balance • Protection  

For every bracelet sold, 8 trees will be planted by One Tree Planted. Our goal is 1 million trees planted.  

Healing Stones Energies:

• Green Jasper- Physical Healing and Plant Growth

• Aventurine- Intelligence and Creativity

• Citrine- Emotional Balance and Success

• Carnelian- Joy and Good Luck

• Amethyst- Peace and Good Sleep

• Lapis- Truth and Enlightenment

• Pyrite- Wealth and Prosperity

• Rose Quartz- All about love 

• Hematite- Protection and Grounding

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Partnership for Global Reforestation: 

The CoCo Love Bracelets were designed by CocoVinny, 

Handmade by Purpose Stones, in partnership with One Tree Planted. 

Instagram: @cocotapsforyou @purposestones @onetreeplanted


You can help us reforest the planet. Yes, you! Every individual contribution makes an impact.

Get Involved, Support Global Reforestation

One Bracelet, 8 Trees Planted 

Make a positive impact for trees and forests

Why plant trees?

  • Air

  • Water

  • Biodiversity 

  • Climate Regulation 

  • Health 

  • Social Impact 

One Tree Planted is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization focused on planting trees around the world.