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Jamie Stephenson | Co-founder of the juice standard at cosmopolitan hotel

“It is important to us that Coco Taps is a planet-friendly company that meets our high standards to serve natural healthy drinks that are delicious, nutritious and organic. Las Vegas visitors can find the freshest and healthiest coconut water and juices in town at The Cosmo.”



As an entrpreneur, board director, and seed investor in several companies, and the Executive VP of one of the largest hospitality groups in Las Vegas, I have seen ideas from all industries cross my desk. I have known Coco Vinny for 10+ years and always appreciated his enthusiasm, drive and never fail attitude. I love supporting paradigm shift ideas and companies that can think outside of the box. We have been selling Coco Taps in our restaurants for about a year now and have been pleased with the performance of the product. After seeing the success of Coco Taps first hand, I took the opportunity to invest because I believe in the success of Coco Taps as a healthy earth conscious offering that everyone should have available to them.”


Pasquale Laurito | Investor

“Every great company usually starts by solving a problem and implementing a great mission and vision. Coco Vinny is one of the most creative problem-solving visionaries I've ever had the opportunity to invest with. After 20 years and participating in many ventures with him I'm excited to be a part of this CocoTaps project. If you want to invest in a company and team that truly has the potential to change the world, I highly recommend investing in CocoTaps.”