Brand Building With Eco-Friendly Swag

Brand Building With Eco-Friendly Swag

Branded swag is a great way for companies to get their name out there, especially when it’s thoughtfully executed. And today, in the Age of Instagram, gram-worthy swag can be a golden ticket to success.

When the time comes for you to start thinking about how to build your brand through promotional swag, it should be easy to separate the winners from the flops, especially if your goal is to offer swag with viral potential.

For example, when was the last time you saw someone gram a branded pen or, heaven forbid, a keychain? Hopefully your answer is never, or I might suggest you try to find some more interesting accounts to follow.

Basically, what I’m getting at is that pens and keychains are just about the laziest ways to try to promote your brand, and they’re probably not going to get you very far. In the end, they are a waste of money and materials (and we all know how I feel about plastics that no doubt go into making those cheap pens and keychains) and won’t get your name very far, and if your brand ethos has absolutely ANYTHING to do with eco-friendliness, this kind of marketing very probably contradicts your brand values and might even work against you.

Narrow your scope to eco-friendly swag and your options are pretty slim. Reusable bags and totes are certainly CocoVinny approved; they build your brand at the same time as they enable people to say no to plastic bags. However, they’ll likely only build your brand on a grassroots level. Let’s use the Instagram experiment again: when was the last time you stumbled on a gram of a tote in your feed? Sure, they might appear incidentally, but they’re probably not going to be the focal point of any pictures.

The hospitality industry, it seems, understands better than anyone else that the combined efforts of creating a gram-worthy space with presenting their offerings in eye-catching ways tends to pay off.

But can promotional swag do this? The answer is a resounding YES, and this is something that I discovered through my own experience as a business owner who, along the journey of building my own brand, realized that the product I offer has just that viral potential I’ve been alluding to.

One of the latest services we offer at CocoTaps is our Commercial Toolkit, containing all of the materials required to offer your customers a deliciously refreshing beverage as well as a piece of swag with serious marketing potential. The Commercial Toolkit comes with our patented tool and a grip of taps, of course, but more importantly, we also offer a branding device with YOUR custom-made logo, allowing you to literally brand coconuts and delight your customers with a way to enjoy coconut water like never before. We’re the only company with the ability to transform a coconut into a resealable bottle, in and of itself a gram-worthy sight. This, combined with our unique and fully customizable branding capabilities, sets CocoTaps apart from other branded swag.

Branded CocoTapped coconuts won’t last as long as a pen or a keychain (they’re perishable and also way too delicious), but they have the potential to seriously expand your brand’s reach through social media. Branded swag, as we’ve seen, is hit or miss, and can be an expensive investment with little or no return, but our custom branded coconuts somehow manage to avoid the risks and pitfalls of other marketing swag.

Interested in tapping into the viral potential of custom branded CocoTaps? Get in touch!