By the end of summer in 2013, our founder CocoVinny had sampled almost every bottled and canned coconut water on the market and had come to the conclusion that he hated coconut water. By pure luck and divine intervention, a business associate from Indonesia shared a fresh young coconut with him. Reluctant at first, CocoVinny decided to give this coconut one last chance. The difference in taste from the canned and bottled coconut water would come to change his life forever. Every day for the next three weeks, CocoVinny would crack open his own coconut after the gym with a knife and hammer. One day, he broke his stepdad Bill's knife trying to get into a coconut. Bill was not pleased at all. CocoVinny decided to shop for a coconut tool online and in retail stores. What he discovered was a small selection of cheaply made foreign products. Nothing had the coco coolness and "Made in USA" quality to tap his thirst. So CocoVinny designed, patented, and manufactured exactly what he needed.

The Coco Creativity was born

The CocoTap tool is the only 100 percent Made in USA, BPA Free, and dishwasher-safe coconut water system. Now, CocoVinny can bring CocoTaps coconuts to businesses that are tired of hearing news about plastic in the ocean and an undernourished society. In partnership with businesses that want to see a zero waste future, CocoTaps can retrieve all of the plastic CocoTaps for sterilization and can cycle them back into use. When CocoVinny started working with coconuts it was glaringly obvious what an amazing material the coconut shell provided which is why he wanted to learn how to reuse, upcycle, and compost them in any way he could. We even started Cocos For Kids to educate youth about health for our bodies and health for our planet. The coconut continues to provide in a multitude of ways and we are grateful to share it with our community.

Welcome to our zero-waste beverage adventure.



Our Mission


Cocotaps mission is to provide eco-friendly products that heal and hydrate, while regenerating and revitalizing ecosystems. We provide businesses with an alternative to wasteful packaging so that we can all change the world one coconut at a time. 

CocoTaps cuts the carbon footprint of traditional pasteurized and packaged coconut water by eliminating wasteful processing of cartons, cans, and plastic bottles that can end up in our ocean and landfills. Many people have never had the opportunity to tap their thirst from a freshly tapped coconut, let alone enjoy the advantages of coconut water! We bring the freshest, wholesale coconut water to your customers by delivering great taste and less waste one coconut at a time to create a healthier planet.

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Tap Back Rewards

Cocotaps’ Tap Back Rewards program contributes to the leading edge of the circular economy. The program is an essential step in creating a culture that respects resources. Your customers will be proud to support a business that offers a zero waste beverage option while creating an essential shift in public awareness.

Purchase your first reoccurring order today to begin your zero waste legacy. When we drop off your next CocoTaps order, we will pick up your used cocos for processing. We can even provide a bin for storage until your next pick up. One case used CocoTaps coconuts = $1 credited to your account!

Our Team

Vincent Zaldivar  CEO   Eco Inventor and responsible entrepreneur, Founded/funded numerous business ventures over 15 years

Vincent Zaldivar CEO

Eco Inventor and responsible entrepreneur, Founded/funded numerous business ventures over 15 years


Cocos for Kids

CocoTaps has partnered with the NV Master Gardeners and extension office to work with youth that have been sentenced with community service. Cocos for Kids is teaching youth about wellness, nutrition, and regenerative agriculture. By learning to use the resources at hand, kids learn about waste, the circular economy, and entrepreneurship. Dried coco shells and the CocoTaps Compost is sold at the local farmer’s market. The kids learn to care for themselves while also caring for the planet.

Ronald McDonald can’t beat this role model!

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